Knowledge Corridor

Linked by the Connecticut River, Interstate 91, a shared airport, and a shared industrial and cultural heritage, Greater New Haven, Greater Hartford and Greater Springfield together form an economic powerhouse. The three cities anchor a combined region that constitutes the second largest population, education and economic center in New England.

The area’s political, business and government leaders have now formalized cooperation to advance the region’s economy and quality of life. The Knowledge Corridor is the result of those efforts. The purpose of this partnership is to help market the region north and south of the Connecticut-Massachusetts border along the I-91/Connecticut River Valley corridor. The group is dedicated to increasing cooperative efforts to more effectively position and advance the economic progress and livability of the interstate region.

The interstate region is home to:

  • 2.77 million people;
  • a labor force of 1.3 million;
  • 64,000 companies and
  • 41 universities and colleges and over 215,000 students

The Bradley Development League towns are at the heart of the “Knowledge Corridor” and share in the benefits of this vibrant region.