Workforce Info

Locating your business in Bradley Development League towns provides several workforce advantages:

First, we have a highly educated and skilled population. We are proud of our strong local school systems, our wealth of private preparatory schools, our community and technical college system, and our strong network of prestigious four-year colleges and universities.

Our strong educational rankings:

  • 1st in the nation in writing, reading and math
  • 2nd highest in the nation for high school graduation attainment
  • 3rd highest in the nation for college attainment

Second, we have a productive workforce with productivity 6 percent above the national average. Our strong educational institutions produce graduate students ready to take on the challenges of today’s knowledge-based economy. Seasoned employees have opportunities for challenging adult education courses to pursue life-long learning and area companies have a commitment to employee training. The Connecticut Department of Labor sponsors the Education Training Connection to help employers with their training needs. ConnStep provides Connecticut manufacturers assistance in analyzing their processes in order to identify ways to speed up production and improve profitability.

Finally, businesses in the Bradley Development Region have access to labor from Greater Hartford, as well as Western Massachusetts. Since our region is not congested, employees can easily commute across the state borders.

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