Mistras Company is Happy to Be in East Granby


EAST GRANBY — If you’ve ever been on a plane and wondered who inspects the parts that keeps that plane up in the air, there’s a good possibility that it was Mistras, a parts inspection company located at 16F International Drive, East Granby.

Owners describe Mistras as a “non-destructive testing” company that provides a comprehensive range of inspection and quality assurance for airplanes, tanks, and power generators. According to Wikipedia, “nondestructive testing is a wide group of analysis techniques used in science and industry to evaluate the properties of a material, component or system without causing damage.”

In July 2010, Mistras closed their lab in Springfield, Massachusetts and moved the operation to East Granby.

General Manager Ron Citarell believes the move has helped his company.

“It’s a better environment and geographically advantageous,” said Citarell.

Sales Manager Sean Byrne noted that the area is in the midst of the aerospace industry and key markets such as companies that work with the Department of Defense, Power Generators and Pipelines.
“We were looking to tap into aerospace vendors,” said Byrne.

Mistras receives parts at the East Granby plant as well as visits other locations and inspects off-site. Staff members visit pipelines, power generators, and tank farms to ensure safety. Some of the testing techniques Mistras applies to parts include radiography, ultra-sonic, magnetic particle and liquid penetrant.
Although Mistras inspects off-site, the company is doing a large amount of testing at its plant in East Granby.

“I like it here,” said Citarell. “The community is great. There has been great exposure through the chamber (of commerce).”

Byrne and Citarell recently attended a meeting held by the East Granby Economic Development Commission and the East Granby Chamber, which was titled “Building Business Community.” At the meeting energy concerns were addressed and guests had plenty of chances to network with one another.

Byrne noted that East Granby First Selectman and East Granby Chamber President Tami Zawistowski have been very helpful. “I like Hayden. He’s hands-on and good for the community,” said Citarell.

Mistras is looking to expand in East Granby. “I would love to see us expand next door on International Drive ... we will be tapping into local area for employees,” said Citarell.
“2011 looks good,” said Byrne. “We know there are educated and bright people in this community and this is as an asset as we continue to grow, which is a main reason why we are really happy to be here.” he said.

Mistras is ISO 9100:2008 certified and serves industries such as Aerospace, Defense, and Medical.

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