Windsor Locks Land Use and Development Procedures

General Overview:

At each step of the Windsor Locks development review process you will find responsive, professional staff and town-retained consultants ready to assist you as you fine-tune your plans and seek approvals from local land-use boards. Windsor Locks is a pro-business community and has developed a reputation for its rapid approval process. A project can receive approvals in as short as nine weeks. Approval time may vary depending upon the scope and complexity of the project.

Staff Review:

The Planning Coordinator organizes staff reviews upon formal application. It is strongly suggested that applicants contact the Planning Coordinator early in plan development so that proper guidance can be given, saving the developer time and money in the long run. Generally, applicants will meet with the Planning Coordinator, Planning Consultant, and Town Engineer and go over project plans and requirements and receive professional feedback. Applicants will be responsible for submitting plans to the Public Works Director, Fire Marshal, and Police to discuss aspects of projects.

Contact person: Jennifer Rodriguez, Town Planner, 860-627-1447

Water and sewerage:

Applicants must obtain public health approval to assure adequate water and sewerage at the site. In areas served by public sewer, applicants must request approval through application to the Water Pollution Control Authority. The WPCA will issue a Capacity Letter saying that the new project can tie into the system. Where a sewer line extension is required the process includes a planning application, technical review and execution of a Developers Agreement. The WPCA is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the town-owned Sewer Treatment Plant and Collection System. Sewer service provided by the WPCA is similar to other public services such as gas, water or electricity. The cost of providing that service is borne by those who use the public sewer system. The WPCA meets the second Tuesday of each month.

Contact person: Gary Kuczarski, Superintendent, 860-627-1490

In areas not served by the WPCA, applicants must request approval through application to the North Central District Health Department.

Contact person:  Mr. William Blitz, Director of Health, 860-745-0383

Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Agency:

Inland Wetlands reviews all proposals for development to ensure that environmental impacts are minimized. Developers may apply to Inland Wetlands simultaneously with the Planning and Zoning Commission, but Inland Wetlands approval is necessary before final approval by Planning and Zoning. Inland Wetlands meets on the first Wednesday of each month and requires specific plans and specifications as part of their application. Application forms may be obtained from the Building Department. The applicant shall be responsible for displaying a sign on the property that states that an application is pending before the Agency. The Agency may hold a public hearing on an application if it determines that the proposed activity may have a significant impact on wetlands or watercourses, a petition is filed for a hearing, or if the Agency finds that such hearing would be in the public interest. Michael Gragnolati, Soil Scientist, serves as a consultant to the Agency.

Contact person: Jennifer Rodriguez, Town Planner, 860-627-1447

Planning & Zoning Commission:

The Planning & Zoning Commission (PZC) reviews all site plans for commercial and industrial development, residential subdivisions, and other special uses. Approval by the Inland Wetlands Agency is required prior to final approval by the PZC. Refer to the Use Table in the Zoning Regulations to determine whether Site Plan and Design Review are required or if a Special Use Permit is required. All uses by special permit require a public hearing. The Commission meets on the second Monday of each month. Michael O’Leary serves as the Planning Consultant and reviews site plans for compliance with regulations.

Contact person: Jennifer Rodriguez, Town Planner, 860-627-1447

Zoning Board of Appeals:

On rare occasions, an application may also need to be made to the Zoning Board of Appeals when a zoning variance is required. A public hearing is required on all matters it is requested to decide upon. The Zoning Board of Appeals meets on the first Monday of each month.

Contact person:  Jennifer Rodriguez, Town Planner, 627-1447

The Economic and Industrial Development Commission:

The Economic and Industrial Development Commission (EIDC) encourages appropriate development in the community. The EIDC, which meets on the second Tuesday of each month, promotes development in industrial and business zones in the community. Applicants can visit the EIDC seeking its endorsement of a project that may be helpful in securing approvals from the other regulatory boards in the community. There are no fees or forms associated with EIDC review of projects.

Contact person:  Jennifer Rodriguez, Town Planner, 860-627-1447

Building Permitting:

Building permits including electrical, mechanical, and plumbing permits are generally required where there is work involving new construction, repairs, alterations, additions, or changes of use to buildings and structures. In order to apply for a Building Permit, one must fill out an application and, in addition, submit sketches, building drawings, and plans or other applicable documents for review. A Building Permit is required prior to construction and can take two to four weeks for approval. The Building, Planning & Zoning Department hours are: Monday through Wednesday 8:00 a.m. to 4 p.m., Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Friday 8:00 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Contact person: Mark Doody, Building Official, 860-627-1447